How to Calculate your Instagram Engagement Rate

Measuring your Instagram Engagement Rate

Are you staring at that little number at the top? Are your followers not going up as much as you’d like? Fear not, this is not the most important number you should be looking at. Being popular on Instagram is not the same as being profitable. A far better metric to look at is your engagement rate. This will show you what percentage of your followers are actually engaged with your content.

In order to be successful on Instagram, you need to continually analyse your data and results. Monitoring your engagement rate on Instagram is critical to measure your progress. Monitoring engagement levels will enable you to optimise and improve your followers organically and make accurate and strategic decisions for your next posts.

How do you calculate your engagement rate?

The calculation for engagement rate is actually relatively simple. Firstly add up the total number of likes and comments you have on a post. Then, divide that figure by the total number of followers on your account. Multiply that by 100 and you will have the percentage for that post.


You have 5,000 followers

Now, let’s say your post received 150 likes and 20 comments

(150 + 20) = 170

Take this number (170) and divide it by your total followers (5,000), and multiply by 100.

170/5,000 x 100 = 3.4%


What is regarded as a good engagement level on Instagram?

Generally speaking, Instagram has higher engagement rates than other social platforms. Industry averages show that Facebook and Twitter yield an engagement rate of between 0.5-1%, whereas Instagram stands within the range of 3-6%. If you are having success on Instagram, you could potentially gain an engagement rate in excess of 6%, a significantly higher rate than expected on Facebook or Twitter.


If you have 10.000 followers but are only getting 30 likes on a photo, and a few comments containing an emoji or ‘Great pic’ – people are not engaging and are unlikely to convert. Which is why putting quality content out, is going to do far more for your business than putting lots out there that doesn’t offer anything.

Ask yourself how you can harness your influence with your audience and create discussions and conversations on the content that you’re posting.

What content can you put out there that creates a deeper connection with your followers?

How can you delight, educate, entertain or inspire your audience? Because in the end, those are the reasons why people use platforms like Instagram.


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March 01, 2019 — Michele Ferron