Facebook Organic Post Targeting
If you’ve ever used Facebook ads, you’ll know that the power is in the targeting of exact audiences… 

Did you know that you can also target specific audiences with ORGANIC posts on Facebook? 

This option has been around for quite a few years now, but its very underused. 

Here are 3 excellent reasons to target your organic posts:
  1. You want to increase your organic reach:
The organic reach on posts from Facebook business accounts is an all time low, this might be the time to start using this tool effectively. It could help you puttee posts in front of your desired audience, eliminating views from people not in your target audience. You can get your posts in front of people who are more likely to take action.
    1. You operate in multiple locations.
    For businesses who operate in multiple locations, the question is often - should run multiple Facebook accounts?- the answer is, you don’t need to. This feature allows you to target specific posts to a specific location, removing the need to run a host of different pages for different locations. 
    1. You want to target audiences in their native language.
    Do you create content in multiple languages on Facebook? You can use this targeting method to get the right language in front of the right people. 

    Here’s what it look like…

    Go to your business page and start your post. 

    It will say public by default. Click on the drop down and the option for news feed targeting will appear.

    The following window gives you all the targeting options. From Interest based targeting, and the various demographics - age, gender, locations and languages. 

    You are essentially narrowing down the audience who sees your content, in order to optimise the views fro the right subset of your followers.

    If you can’t see the functionality appear, you need to switch it on in your settings. 

    Here’s how:

    Head over to your Facebook business page and click on settings. Click on ‘General’ in the left bar and edit ‘Audience optimisation for posts’.

    Here you can choose to switch on your News Feed targeting ability. 

    The Facebook business platform offers incredibly powerful features for brands, many of which are still underused. If you would like training or coaching on your brands Facebook strategy or Facebook advertising, get in touch. 
    April 15, 2019 — Michele Ferron