5 ways to name your Instagram account if your brand name is taken
 The Instagram, Facebook or Twitter name is taken for your brand. Now what?

You have put all the work into finding the perfect name for your brand, but the Instagram handle is taken.

You want consistency around your branding and for it to be recognised, including on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few creative ways to go ahead and use your brand name, even if it’s already taken.

On Instagram, accounts have both a username and name. Every account uses both, but they don’t have to be the same.

The username is what people see when you comment on other posts, for example. Where your name is more visible when people visit your profile, it’s also called your handle and starts with the @ symbol.

The Instagram name is shown at the top of your profile. To make the most of your presence, the best idea is to use both of these differently.

For example, if you were an Interior designer called Amy Blue, and your brand is Amy Blue Interiors. You could use the name @amyblueinteriors as your user name and Amy Blue | Interior Designer as your name.

Here are some more exmaples: 





That solves part of your problem because you will be able to set the NAME however you wish.

But, if the username you desire has been taken, here are a few ways to use it creatively.

First off, there are a few limitations to keep in mind. An Instagram username can consist of 30 characters max and can only consist of letters, numbers, periods and underscores.

Five creative ways to name your Instagram account if your username is already taken:

1. Start your brands’ Instagram username with @weare or @thisis

This way you still keep your brand name in there and make it feel quite personable.

For example, the marketplace brands Trouva uses @wearetrouva. (The guy who has @trouva is very much not accidentally mistaken for the brand Trouva)

2. Get creative with the underscore _

Flatspot, the Skate Clothing store uses @_flatspot, and it doesn’t seem to have hampered the follower number either.

With our rebrand, we've decided on this option, using @DigitalDays_

3. Unfortunately, you cannot use .com, .edu, .net, .gov or .org for Instagram usernames, if you were hoping to make a direct link to your website.

You can, however, use domain endings such as .info, .me, .cloud and .co as well as many others.

Viveco, a Spanish online retailer that specialises in plastic-free goods, cleverly uses the name @vive.co

4. Go global or go local

Another creative way is to add some international allure to your name if your brand has no boundaries - end your name with global, like Cybex, a Pram, stroller and baby carrier brand, who has the username cybex_global. Another example is Artek, who use @artekglobal as their Instagram handle and simply Artek as their name.

If your brand purely serves a local market, why not use the location name in your name?

Unikat, a tattoo parlour in Berlin, has its name as @unikat_berlin and cleverly also uses Contemporary Tattoos Berlin as its Instagram name.

Equally, if your brand identity is closely linked with its birthplace, why not use it in the name. The hair company BLEACH has its roots (see what I did there) in London but is available worldwide.  They use @bleachlondon

5. Create intimacy

You want your audience to feel part of what you’re doing? Create an inclusive name by using words like ‘club’ or ‘world’.

For example, Christian Louboutin, the designer shoe brand, uses @louboutinworld. It creates a feeling of being part of their world.

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April 15, 2019 — Michele Ferron