4 Ways brands can use the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram Stories.

As a business user, you might dismiss the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram, but that might be missing out on something quite useful.

The ‘Close Friends’ option on Instagram STORIES  lets you share stories with a select group of people. You manually select the people you would like to add to this group.

Segmenting audiences is tricky, unless you are using paid ads, although even then limited on Instagram. This relatively new feature to Instagram could prove a great opportunity to communicate with a segmented group of your audience.

Here are 4 ways we think you could use the feature. 


If you have members as part of your business, you could add all current members to the list and give them special content just for them, added value to them.

Top customers:

Add your top customers and give them early sale announcements, making them feel valued and encouraging brand loyalty.

(Product) Launches:

Us the close friends list to soft launch a new product, inviting only your most loyal fans to trial what you’re launching.



If you are a company that works with businesses but also communicates directly to consumers, you have a chance to segment your messages here, with different content directly to your retailers, for example. If you are a brand that sells products to retail store, for example, you could create stories just for clients who stock your products.

Have you tried using the feature for your business? We’d love to know how! Send us a message on Instagram to let us know how. 

May 30, 2019 — Michele Ferron