3 Places to find your Instagram Metrics

Where to find your Instagram Metrics

If you’re running an Instagram Business Account, it’s inevitable that you will want to measure your results. This definitely applies to you if you are an agency that manages other accounts, or if you operate the marketing side of a business or are managing your own business account.

Monitoring your analytics on Instagram is vital to increase your audience and ultimately become more influential across the platform. Diving into your Instagram Metrics will provide useful analytics that ensures you can grow your business on Instagram.

First, to see any statistics, you need to have a BUSINESS ACCOUNT. (If you don’t have one, there’s a short video here, on how to change from a personal to a business account.)

Here are THREE locations within the Instagram app that you can view metrics.

  1. INSIGHTS – Instagram Insights is the in-house analytics tool providing simple and accessible data. You can find insights on your personal profile, which gives you overall stats on your account, broken down by ACTIVITY, CONTENT and AUDIENCE.

  2. POST INSIGHTS – below each of your posts, you will see the option to ‘View Insights’, giving you insights on the performance of that specific post.

  3. STORY INSIGHTS – In each story, at the bottom of the screen you will notice it says ‘seen by __’. When you tap on that, it gives you metrics broken down by viewers, Interactions and discovery.

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What Instagram metrics should I be tracking?

There are two key metrics to focus on Instagram: Your account metrics and Individual post metrics.

Individual metrics represent the overall performance of each individual photo or post. Account metrics collectively combines that stats from all posts, tracking your overall performance on Instagram over time.

Types of Individual Post Metrics

  • Impressions: How many people actually saw your post?

  • Instagram Reach: The total impressions divided by your number of followers

  • Engagement: This includes how many times each post is liked/commented/shared or saved


Impressions figures will indicate how successful and effective you have promoted your content. Including carefully selected and relevant hashtags will enable your content to reach a bigger network and improve your overall impression level.

Instagram Reach

Utilising hashtags is just one method of improving your content reach. To enhance your percentage, you will need to consider other influential factors such as when to post your content. Whilst Instagram will not display your content in chronological order, you can still optimise your content by posting at optimal times, generating higher engagement as soon as your content becomes live. Instagram Insights will provide you with useful information on when your followers are most active, enabling you to strategically schedule your content.


Your engagement rate is probably the most important metric to consider, for your individual posts and your whole Instagram account. Engagement can be measured by monitoring and analysing your likes, comments, shares and saves. It is useful to consider which posts are receiving the highest level of interactions, and what types of interactions they actually are. For many Instagram users, comments are a valuable tool for engagement, providing measured insights about your content. Engaging with your followers by liking and replying to messages will strengthen engagement levels and develop relationships with your business and followers.


Do you look at your Insights regularly?

March 01, 2019 — Michele Ferron