CORONAVIRUS and The School of Social

For any of you feeling unwell, I wish you a speedy recovery. 

For businesses - this is an incredibly tricky time. However, it will pass. Over the next few weeks, I will be aiming ot help businesses in any way I can in an online capacity. All workshops are postponed until further notice. If you have booked, your ticket will be valid for any future workshop - or you can choose a 1:1 online session instead. If I decide to run online workshops, I will let you know - best to keep an eye on my Instagram @theschoolofsocialuk where I'll be Instagram Lives regularly to stay in touch with my lovely community. See you there. 

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Your are a professional at what you do, but missing some skills you need to brush up on? 
Our workshops are designed to upskill you, increase your productivity and ultimatelty your revenue.

Keeping up with online marketing tools and stategies is crucial for any business to not fall behind. 

You've done some courses, but didn't learn much new - a waste of your precious time (and money)? 
We have taken too many of these courses ourselves. It's why we started The School of Social and why we make sure our workshops are packed with learnings. We get feedback on every course and have worked endlessy to ensure you are getting the most value in the least amount of time. 

Latest blogs

Winnie the Pooh day

Winnie the Pooh day

If you've had my 2020 content calendar, you will have seen one of the first celebratory days is Winnie-the-pooh-day. 

You may wonder why this day is relevant for a social media prompt... other than that many of us grew up reading A.A. Milne's books? 

The simple bear and his friends shared many pieces of wisdom, which are still relevant today.

4 new features coming to Instagram

4 new features coming to Instagram

The F8 conference held in April and May announced some of the biggest changes about to happen in the world of social media.

Here we take a quick look at what is on the Instagram horizon and highlight what you need to know.

4 Ways brands can use the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram Stories.

4 Ways brands can use the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram Stories.

As a business user, you might dismiss the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram, but that might be missing out on something quite useful.

The ‘Close Friends’ option on Instagram STORIES  lets you share stories with a select group of people.

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It's great learning how to optimise your social media and online marketing... but sometimes you might need a bit of extra help. Here are three ways we can help beyond our courses: 

1. We've created a number of useful digital products to help you grow your online presence. You can find them in the shop

2. In the 'tools of the trade' section we share links to all the online tools and resources we use for our brand and recommend for you. 

3. Find a host of free guides on our freebies page and dive into our blog for the latest insights.

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